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IMA iBorn Shallow Lure

IMA iBorn Shallow Lure

These shallow saltwater lures were created by famous Japanese fisherman Tetsuya Henmi and feature an aggressive wobbling action and can be cast out at long distances.

The IMA iBORN 98F Shallow features a tight, aggressive wobbling action, making it an ideal lure for working in shallow marks. Its vane prevents the lure from submerging beyond 20 cm, ensuring it stays within the optimal depth for attracting fish in these areas.

With a short, stubby profile that mimics a wide range of bait species, the saltwater lure is designed for stability during flight, allowing for long, accurate casts. This makes it perfect for navigating shallow rocks and gullies or casting towards feeding fish near the shoreline.

A side "keel" enhances the lures stability upon hitting the water, maintaining its action even in choppy conditions. Created by renowned Japanese fisherman Tetsuya Henmi, this new lure from IMA prioritises casting distance, a crucial factor in shallow water fishing.

IMA iBorn Shallow Saltwater Fishing Lure Features

  • Long cast performance + Shallow range
  • Side keel that stabilises the lure posture and extends the casting distance
  • Unique lip shape
  • Shallow high-appealing flashy action
  • All models comes with two trebles (ST-46 # 4), one on each ring (original # 3)
  • Length: 98 mm / Weight: 13 g
  • Floating lure
  • Range: 0 to 20 cm
  • Action: Wide Woven Roll
  • Recommended area for use: Tideland, shallow river or estuary