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IMA Chappy Saltwater Surface Lure

IMA Chappy Saltwater Surface Lure

The IMA Chappy saltwater lures are compact buoyant surface lures with a signature walk the dog action.

The IMA Chappy is a compact surface lure which has an easy to use walk the dog action. You can work it slow or fast and the small cupped face creates a natural splash and bubble action. Add in the attraction of the inbuilt rattle and you have all the qualities needed to entice a hunting bass to strike.

These lures are exceptionally effective when targeting bass with a streamlined body shape and tail weighted body that aids both distance and accuracy when casting at showing fish.

IMA Chappy Fishing Lure Features

  • Topwater surface lure
  • Length -100mm (10cm) / Weight -18g
  • Two #3 ST-46 treble hooks
  • 3 Rings
  • Built in rattle