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Halco Twisty Casting Lure

Halco Twisty Casting Lure

A very useful lure for any angler - suited to casting on light tackle for a wide variety of species both at home and abroad. We have caught bass, pike, mackerel and pollock on these in the UK plus jacks, trevally and small tuna in the tropics.

This casting lure with curved ends gives an erratic action in the water, they can be left to sink or skimmed across the surface. Either way they excite predators into a feeding frenzy!

For best results, vary speed and angle of retrieve. The Twisty Chrome comes in a range of weights.

Available in five sizes - 15g (5.5cm), 20g (6cm), 30g (7.5cm), 40g (8cm), 55g (8.5cm) and 70g (9.5cm) with a chrome and holographic finish.