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Halco Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker Surface Lure

Halco Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker Surface Lure

Halco Roosta 195 Haymaker, is a heavy weight popper for big fish. It's the ultimate modern popper design with significant new innovations that improve the action and stability of this spectacular surface lure. The head design which is wide at the top transfers to a widened tail end section. This unique design creates a popper that is ideal for a straight fast retrieve or a stop start bloop with exceptional splash. It also minimises cartwheeling on the retrieve and the rattle ensures significant noise coupled with the heavy water spraying action.

The Haymaker weighs in at 117grams and its design creates massive amounts of noise and spray. The lure requires minimal effort to use despite its size. The Halco Roosta 195 Haymaker is designed for catching some of the toughest fish that swim, from Giant Trevally to Dogtooth Tuna.

For best results point the rod tip at the lure and sweep back through 90 degrees. Pause, then pick up the line and repeat the process. This lure is designed for use on giant trevally, hugh mackerel and oversize tuna.

The recommended method of retrieval for best results is to point the rod tip at the lure, retrieve any slack line and firmly sweep the rod tip in a downward motion approximately 45 degrees. Allow the lure to rest for several seconds and if a fish hasn’t taken the lure repeat as necessary.

While designed with a blooping style retrieve in mind, the Roosta Haymaker can be simply wound in at speed or trolled for excellent results.

Halco Roosta 195 Popping Lure Features

  • #5/0 5XX Mustad Trebles
  • Extra heavy duty, custom made 7xx fish rings 
  • Surface blooping & popping lure
  • Variety of colours