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DAHO Reverse Latch Needle

DAHO Reverse Latch Needle

DaHo Reverse Latch Needle 80-200lbs

Reverse Latch Needles are designed for releasing the braid after threading inside itself or other braids. This is an essential technique for splicing and making loops.

The design for these products came from Jerry Brown, a pioneer in the development of hollow Spectra fishing lines. We appreciate his design as this product brings some unique features and ease of use characteristics that we try to provide in these products.

These Reverse Latch needles are the only tool available that uses the latch mechanism as it was designed to be used - to be pulled through the line, keeping the latch mechanism closed by the line's internal pressure. Without the 'reverse' use of the latch mechanism, the old knitting machine latch needles have to be pushed into the hollow spectra lines causing to latch to open, and usually resulting in significant damage the line's fibres.