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Cortland Tropic Plus Billfish Saltwater Fly Lines

Cortland Tropic Plus Billfish Saltwater Fly Lines

These sinking Billfish fly-lines are available in either Float/Intermeadiate or Full Sink formats.

The Float/Intermediate features a 9' Clear Sink Tip to allow the use of short leaders without spooking fish.

The Sinking line features a 30ft heavy sinking head with a bright orange tip to track your fly through the prop wash. The 50lb braided nylon core gives you extreme stopping power. Built with our premium tropic jacket material allowing the line to stay stiff and slick in the hottest conditions.

Cortland Billfish Flyline Features

  • Tropic Plus Coating
  • Heavy Monofilament Core, 65ft long and 9ft Clear Intermediate Tip (intermediate)
  • Fifty Pound Plus Core and, 90ft long 30ft Sinking Head (sinking)
  • Weight Forward Taper
  • Monofilament core (intermediate) and Braided Nylon Multifilament (sinking)
  • Species: Billfish / Sailfish / Marlin