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Bassday Bungy Poppers

Bassday Bungy Poppers

The bungee popper consistently delivers stress-free and dependable performance, thanks to its deep cup shape, sleek bullet-like form, and optimal weight distribution tailored for popping.

When in popping mode, its carefully designed cup shape produces a lively splash and sound that effectively attracts fish over a wide area and deep into the water, triggering their predatory instincts.

Switching to jerking mode, the lure generates a trail of bubbles, simulating a swarm of fleeing baitfish. Particularly useful in situations where traditional pencil lures struggle to reach the target, the bungee popper offers the flexibility to adjust the intensity of its action, increasing the chances of getting a bite.

Supplied with quality Owner split rings and hooks.

Bungee 160 Popping Lure Features

  • Size: 160mm
  • Weight: 62.0g
  • Hook: #2/0 (ST-66TN)
  • Ring: #7
  • Penetrating wire linear: φ1.4mm
  • Manufactured in Japan.