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AFW C&H Turbo Rattler

AFW C&H Turbo Rattler

Lime green 24mm 2pk

Supercharge your lure with a Turbo Rattler! Add attraction to shark and big game lures and traces with the Turbo Rattler. Three propeller blades make this attractor spin in any current.

This rattle revolves in even the most gentle of currents. Inside the rattle there are three chambers each containing five ball bearings - when the Turbo Rattle turns it emits a buzzing sound. 

Designed to move through the water and rotate - creating turbulence - which causes the ball bearings inside to transmit noise and vibration that mimic the distress signal of injured baitfish.

Easy to use and fits in front of any lure, you can use these with live or dead bait rigs, or with your favourite lure.