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Shark Fishing Line - Mono & Braided Line

Shark Lines

There are a few options for your choice of line for shark fishing.

  • Nylon Monofilament is tried and trusted, it has some level of stretch and is the easiest to work with. Some charter boat skippers insist on customers using it.
  • Braided lines are much thinner for the given breaking strain than nylon mono and will greatly increase the length of line you can fit on your reel. Poor abrasion resistance may cause problems in some situations.
  • Hollow Core Braid/Mono Top-shot – This system allows the best features of braid and mono to be exploited.

Don't worry if you are still a little confused choosing shark fishing line, if you are then please give us a call on 01635 736436 and we'll be happy to help you select the best shark fishing line for setup.