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Shark Fishing Wire, Traces & Rigs

Shark Fishing Terminal Tackle 

It’s generally accepted that there’s no point in having the best quality shark rods and reels only for your set-up to be compromised by poor quality terminal tackle. This is probably more important with shark fishing gear than with almost any other type of fishing. Every time you put a bait in the water there’s always a chance of a proper sea monster turning up which is why we always advise our customers to use the best available gear.

Shark Wire

After trying lots of different wire cable for shark fishing we came to the conclusion that American Fishing Wire offers the best choice of fishing wire for most scenarios. For general shark fishing AFW 49 strand is the first choice for traces and rubbing leaders – please make sure you choose the right breaking strain. For blues, porbeagles and threshers 275lb, 400lb or 480lb are the correct options, with 400lb being the all-round choice. AFW wire is designed for fishing applications and is pre-stretched to ensure reliable performance every time.

Shark Rigs & Traces

Here at Rok Max we have all the materials and tools you will need to build great shark fishing rigs. If DIY is not your thing then our range of bite traces and rubbing leaders will fit the bill. All our rigs are built in house by either Gordon or Allan. These traces have landed some huge fish and we are very happy with the quality and performance they offer. If you would like us to make something special for an overseas adventure we are happy to help and advise.