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REELX High Tech Saltwater Reel Oil

REELX High Tech Saltwater Reel Oil

Reel Oil 30ml

Buying a high quality reel and then not lubricating it properly is like buying a Ferrari and not changing the oil! Any piece of precision engineering needs correct lubrication both for maximum performance and to protect all bearing surfaces, thus prolonging it's useful life. This range of reel lubricants not only enhances your reel's performance, but also prevents corrosion.

These ultra-high-tech lubricants are manufactured in the USA and offer the latest generation 'molecular bonding' technology. In simple terms they stick to metal surfaces and give both an impermeable barrier to saltwater and also render the surface highly corrosion resistant. Comes in 30ml bottle with pipete nozzle for accurate application.    

ReelX Oil- High Tech general purpose oil for use on all reels and reel bearings.