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OTI Jitterbel Jigs

OTI Jitterbel Jigs

No set of jigs is complete without a Jitterbel jigging lure from Ocean Tackle International!

The Jitterbel is a great jig, it's long slim profile is irresistable to predators. It has the classic walk the dog swagger on the retrieve but drops down to the depths like a missile on the drop. Try retrieving with a rhythmic circular rod action - make the jig look like it's desperately trying to flee from the pursuing predators.

All OTI jigs feature a glow in the dark edge with red 3D eyes and are packaged fully rigged and ready to fish with 2 Raptor assist hooks, 1 Raptor XH split ring, and 1 welded solid ring.

  • Walk the dog action on retrieve
  • Excellent for bottom dwellers like amberjack, snapper, and grouper
  • Drop to desired depth and begin rhythmic lifts of the rod tip. The jig should appear to be fleeing.