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Major Craft NP-Jack Lure Casting Rods

Major Craft NP-Jack Lure Casting Rods

Quality casting lure rods with leading-edge NANOALLOY technology achieving dynamite stiffness and flexibility coupled with the ultimate hybrid blank by collaboration with micro-pitch Cross Force weave.

NJC-72HIRAMASA - A lightweight spinning rod with a big reserve of power perfect for mixing small lures with big fish. You can enjoy Hiramasa's intense fight with muscle blanks by nanopower.

NJC-70BURI - With a flexible tip, this lure rod casts a lightweight lure with ease but has a deceptive amount of power.

NJC-82YFT - Long-cast version of 72Yellow Fin Tuna. A model that targets 10 to 15 kg class, which is perfect for 40-80g lures.