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Diving Lures and Crankbaits

Saltwater Diving Lures

Most large diving lures tend to be armed with inline single hooks that will do less damage to hooked fish, however you may wish to swap these out for trebles to suit your preference.

Shallow & Deep Diving Lures

Essentially they have a flat bib at the head, this is angled to make the lure dive using water pressure from trolling or retrieving to get it to the desired depth. The angle/size of the bib relative to the body of the lure controls the depth the lure will reach.

Diving lures can either float at rest or sink, depending on how the lure is constructed and the materials used.

We stock a wide range of saltwater fishing lures. Please call us on 01635 736436 if you are looking for guidance or suggestions as to what lures are suited to your chosen venue or species.