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Braid Brute Buster Fishing Harness

Braid Brute Buster Fishing Harness

The Braid Brute Buster is versatile harness designed for fighting big game fish either stand-up or chair fishing.

Recommended for line class 50 to 100lbs, this is a fully padded harness with easy adjustment each side. The harness features a wide plastic support to assure the strain is dispersed evenly.

Welded stainless steel 'D' rings are attached to the harness to accommodate drop straps that connect to a rod belt, ideally a matching Braid Brute Buster fighting belt. Available as standard or large.

Braid Brute Buster Harness Features

  • The sit-down bucket gear that set the standard for performance and acceptance of bucket harness technique.
  • Made of the highest quality components to stand the rigors of true big game fish.
  • Easily adjusted on each side. Wide support area reduces strain on back.
  • Welded stainless steel – rings attached to harness to accommodate drop straps.
  • Handy pliers sheath attached and one of the two sizes accommodates every angler.
  • Built for use with Braid fighting rod belt.