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Braid Brute Buster Fishing Fighting Belt

Braid Brute Buster Fishing Fighting Belt

The Braid Brute Buster is a high quality fishing fighting belt.

Moulded from durable high impact plastic composite this is a full sized fighting belt for use with 50 to 100lbs class tackle.

The belt straps are made of nylon webbing and have Velcro adjustment for easy, quick adjustment up to a belt size of 56 inches.

Braid Brute Buster Belt Features

  • Comfortable and extremely durable with an adjustable belt ranging from 26 to 56 inches.
  • This wide-profile belt is designed to be worn low across the upper thighs for increased leverage.
  • The Brute Buster gimbal belt is backed by air-filled foam and features a non-skid surface.
  • Safety release clips and adjustable strap attach to heavy duty stainless steel rings moulded into each side of the belt.
  • Recommended line class is 50 to 100 lb.
  • Recommended harnesses are the Brute Buster Harnesses.