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Westin Halibut Anti Twist Rig

Westin Halibut Anti Twist Rig

The perfect rig for presenting live and dead baits to a variety of species including large cod and halibut.

The reflective patches on the anti-twist lead provide interest and movement as you drift your bait across the seabed. Rig comes with 7/0 single hook and a 3/0 stinger treble that you can tie to suit the size of the baitfish you are using.  Attach a strong snap-link swivel to the end of your reel line so you can swap rigs quickly to suit prevailing conditions. 

Available in 350g and 450g weights.

Westin Big Fish Anti Twist Rig Features

  • Material: Lead
  • Hooks: Single hook #7/0 & PS Treble hook #3/0
  • 1mm High quality nylon
  • Rig full length 190cm
  • For baitfish