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Snowbee Needlefish LL Jigs

Snowbee Needlefish LL Jigs

The perfect jig for getting down deep and fast. The slim profile mimics many predators favourite prey.

Designed with one surface smooth gloss finished and the other in a matt finish, with small gill flaps and other surface irregularities; just enough to cause disturbance to the laminar water flow, which causes the jig to mimic the erratic movements of an escaping injured bait fish, so tempting to any predatory fish.

Developed by the Snowbee product development team over a period of 18 months and exhaustively tested “in anger”, not only do these jigs out-fish eels & shads every time, but we have also put them up against just about every other brand of jigs, including the market leaders & they have out-fished all of them on the day.