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Shimano STC Powergame Dual Tip Travel Spinning Rod

Shimano STC Powergame Dual Tip Travel Spinning Rod

STC Powergame/Boat STCDTPOBO2520

A really versatile spinning rod range - the twin tip design allows the rod to cast a wide range of lures.

The STC Dual Tip is designed to give you as many possibilities with one rod as possible. With one single rod and one extra tip, you can make two fully different rods with two different casting weights and two different lengths.

This is the ultimate rod for every angler who likes to explorer new places or goes on a holiday but does not know exactly what to expect regarding fishing conditions and fish species. Imagine that you are fishing for mullet with a 250cm rod with a float, but you suddenly see a school of seabass hunting. With a simple adjustment, you can switch to a heavier rod and control your lure perfectly to trigger those predators! All with the same rod!

STC PowerGame-Boat rod, making it possible to change between a PowerGame 240cm rod with 40-120g casting weight, which is perfect for casting big lures, and a heavy 250-300g boat rod that is perfectly suitable for jigging or fishing with bait. By having this option, you do not have to bring two separate rods anymore when you want to fish with different techniques that require different rods. The STC Dual Tip Boat is the perfect solution for every angler who likes to travel but has limited space in his suitcase or backpack but still wants to be as flexible as possible.

Shimano STC Dual Tip Spin Rods Feature

  • Full Carbon Blank -XT Carbon is used throughout the Shimano rod range. The number following the XT (XT100), denotes the quality of carbon fibre used. The higher the number, the stronger the carbon. Where different types of carbon are combined to create the required action both numbers will be shown (XT60/40).
  • Nanosheet + Biofibre blank for an extra fast action - Shimano NANO carbon is a technology which is used to build rod blanks which are on average 35% stronger and 15% lighter than a conventional rod blank. The heart of a NANO rod blank is made of a NANO carbon sheet. This sheet has a special weave which allows to use a low amount of resin which is spread into very small (nano) particles throughout the sheet. This creates the lightness, strength and responsiveness in the blank.
  • Twin tip design offers unbeatable versatility of action
  • Immense power and strength ideal for saltwater game fish
  • Fuji DPS reel seat with EVA handle - Built to last, Fuji reel seats are designed with graphite nylon bodies, exclusive S-4 stainless steel hoods, with lined cushioned inserts to offer a lightweight reel seat with superior strength. Uniform design for increased comfort, and with self aligned hoods that provide a solid lockdown on your reel foot which will never back off while fishing.
  • Double leg Shimano Hardlite guides for extra strength - Combining lightweight yet robust anodised steel frames with Aluminium Oxide liners, Shimano’s Hardlite (SiH) guides offer the ideal balance of strength and performance without compromise.
  • Multi-length design for increased versatility can be used from a boat 2.4m or shore 3.0m
  • Complete with case to carry rod with reel attached