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Samson Enticer Lure

Samson Enticer Lure

When distance casting and top water action is required, rig the Enticer as it comes - eyes to the front, hooks to the back. Like this it can be worked as a top water lure or fished just below the surface. Best retrieved between a medium to fast speed when targeting pelagics.

The Enticer is now available in two versions they are:-

  • Topwater - this one is for shallow water where controlled surface disturbance is needed.
  • Sub-Surface Tweak - this lure excels as a sub-surface weapon of bass destruction! Cast it out, let it sink to the required depth and then fish it back with pauses and twitches perfect for winding up any predator in the vicinity.

Both cast like bullets! If you are fishing sub-surface switch the hooks to the other end (eye end) you will be able to create an irresistible darting action like a fleeing fish, by working the rod tip with light taps.

When targeting bass, work the lure at a slow to medium speed using the rod tip to create a more erratic action. Gently shaking the rod tip will give an enticing injured fish action to the lure allowing you to slow right down hovering over shallow rocky areas where predatory fish may be present.

Suitable for Bass, GTs,Tailor (bluefish), Tuna, Sea Trout, Snapper, Roosterfish, Jacks, Mackerel, Kingfish and most other Pelagics.

The high visibility yellow is not only effective in murky or stained water with poor visibility, but often a bright coloured lure can be effective when fish are not hitting natural coloured lures.

Samson Enticer Lure Features

  • Mustad Treble hook.
  • Wired through using high strength materials.
  • High quality rigging and fittings
  • Weighted for maximum casting distance
  • Virtually indestructible lures, suitable fishing around sharp rocks and toothy pelagics.
  • Hand made lathe turned for precision casting
  • White lures are a good all round colour and come with 2 free skin swaps
  • Casts well in windy conditions , great for punching through onshore winds.