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Penn Carnage Bluefin Big Game Fishing Rod

Penn Carnage Bluefin Big Game Fishing Rod

The PENN Carnage blue-fin Stand-up / Trolling rods have been especially designed to target the biggest European blue-fin tuna.

The one-piece tubular blank construction with X-Wrap technology will prevent rod twist under heavy load. These rods are ideal for applying maximum pressure when playing large fish placing mechanical advantage in favor of the angler. With ideal tapers and quality craftsmanship, Carnage Blue-fin Stand-Up/Trolling rods should be your first choice when looking for an offshore big game rod.

Equipped with top quality components including Aftco® Roller guides with under-whipping, these rods are capable of stopping the biggest game fish out in the deep blue.

The 5ft 7in 80-130lb comes with a short bent butt, ideal for the anglers who like to fight a tuna stand-up. The 7ft 6in 130lb version comes with a long bent butt, making it the perfect rod to fight a monster blue-fin from the rod holder or fighting chair. The EVA foregrips give anglers added comfort for long battles and maximize grip against hard fighting fish.

Penn Carnage Bluefin Big Game Rod Features

  • Especially designed for large European blue-fin tuna.
  • Premium Aftco® Roller guides.
  • Aluminium bent butt section (short for 80-130lb and long for 130lb model).
  • Extremely powerful and strong blank with X-Wrap technology to prevent rod twist.
  • Under whipped guides