Lee's Tackle Rod & Reel Hangers

Lee's Tackle Rod & Reel Hangers

Simple and efficient rod storage. Constructed of marine grade anodized aluminium and available in a range of sizes to fit specific rods and reel setups.

Reel is attached to the hanger by spring loaded pins within the bracket. Pins snap into harness lugs on top of reel. The reel cannot swing since it is held in upright position.

The tip of Rod is placed into locking end of set and the nylon ring is rotated to lock it in.

Will support the heaviest of rods. Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or overhead.

There is a size available for most big game reels that have harness lugs. Please call with the measurement between the inside edges of the lugs on your reel so we can find out if there is a suitable size available for you.