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Toit Long Nose Pliers

Toit Long Nose Pliers

Toit Long Nose fishing pliers are perfectly designed for unhooking deeply hooked fish with precision and the minimum of fuss.

Working around a fish's gill's requires finesse and control. By ensuring the business end is fully polished with no sharp edges, we can provide a dehooking tool that looks after those delicate areas around gills. All the length is in the handle, rather than the jaws, providing maximum rigidity and grip strength during hook removal.

The compact design at the business end also gives the angler the ability to push down and out for hook removal due to the high torque handle and short nose detail.

The unique handle design allows for the tool to get into fairly tight spaces, especially when working around fish gill's inside the mouth.

The shorter jaw length and fulcrum distance also prevent bending and twisting of the jaw tips. Sprung loaded for repeat use may just give this tool the edge. 

Toit Long Nose Fishing Pliers Features

  • 9" Stainless Steel 410 J1 Drop Forging
  • Optimal length to prevent deforming
  • Serrated teeth
  • Internally spring loaded for easy operation
  • PVD Tialn surface coating
  • Ergonomic hand finished design
  • Designed for hand/grip comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Designed to fit the Rigid Toit Holders available in Black or White (Sold Separately)
  • Environmentally friendly product, no rubber/plastic/silicone handle
  • All metal design - No plastic to fall off, shrink or get damaged
  • Highly polished surface finish

Important: Rinse, wipe clean, lightly oil for smooth operation after use.