Penn Squall II Big Game Rods

Penn Squall II Big Game Rods

Keenly priced big game fishing and trolling rod built on a strong powerful blank.

The PENN Squall II rod range has been designed to cover all drifting and trolling styles from the boat, matching perfectly with the PENN Squall II reels. The rods are constructed with a one-piece tubular glass blank and a solid tip to help prevent breakage.

The heavy duty 3-leg stainless steel SeaGuide guides with aluminium oxide are extremely tough and will ensure you of a perfect line management during the fight of even the biggest bluefin tuna.

For added comfort, the Squall II Boat rods feature the Triangular-shaped EVA foregrip to reduce rod rotation while under pressure. Heavy duty graphite (on 20-50lb model) and machined aluminium reel seats (other models) keep a secure grip on the reel, while the gimbal provides added strength and a secure connection during the fight.

The slick butt prevents the rod butt getting damaged in the rod holder, while the bent-butt models have a short aluminium bent butt, making them also very suitable for fighting a big fish stand-up.

Penn Squall II Big Game Fishing Rod Features

  • 1 Piece tubular glass blank construction with solid glass tip
  • SeaGuide Aluminium Oxide guides
  • Pac Bay Roller start and tip guide (Roller models)
  • Heavy Duty reel seats
  • Triangle-shaped EVA grip
  • Slick butts(except bent butt models)
  • Aluminium gimbals