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RIO Toothy Critter Wire Fly Fishing Leaders

RIO Toothy Critter Wire Fly Fishing Leaders

RIO Toothy Critter Wire Fly Fishing Leaders are an easy to use wire bite tippet joined to ultra stiff nylon with a snap link to connect your fly on to. They are suitable for fly fishing for a host of toothy predatory fish including pike, barracuda, bluefish and small sharks. These leaders are 7' 6" long in total.

This leader is constructed from an ultra stiff section of nylon monofilament tapering to a 16lb tippet joined to a tough, bite resistant wire shock tippet ideal for a range of fish that would be capable of biting through a conventional nylon leader. They come with nylon coated steel wire and a snap link to facilitate easy and quick fly changes. The leader features a hand-tied perfection loop in the butt to allow loop to loop connection to your fly line.