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Which Avet Reel Is Best For Your Fishing?

Here at Rok Max we get a lot of enquiries from anglers that have either seen Avet reels in action or heard about their excellent reputation for quality, functionality and durability. Most simply want to know which model will suit them best and which of the upgrades will be beneficial for their fishing. To simplify the choice, this guide will explain the models you should consider. Please feel free to call us if you need and further help or wish to place order over the phone.

Avet Boat Fishing Reels - The Best You Can Get!

There have recently been some updates to the Avet Reels range for 2021/22 as follows:-

  • SXJ, SX, MXJ, MXL, JX & LX models are now available as either G2 (Generation 2) models or more basic G2 models without the Glide Plate. The Glide Plate is the stainless steel plate that the drag lever slides up and down on the handle side of the reel. Having the Glide Plate allows you to make accurate adjustments to the drag. The ratchet on the plate lets you adjust a click at a time either up or down.
  • Raptor models are unchanged although it’s now possible to have a Raptor model without Magic Cast. Raptor (No Magic Cast) models are only available in silver and right hand wind.
  • Generation 2 models have greater line capacity than G1 models and can generate higher drag pressures for a given reel size.

Let's briefly run through the full range of reels model by model - highlighting key uses:-

  1. SX & SXJ - these are the smallest reels in the range, but don't let that fool you, they perform way beyond what you would expect from such a small reel and offer good line capacity especially if they are loaded with braid. The 'J' denotes the reel has been designed with jigging in mind and has a narrow spool. This applies right across the ranges. These reels are perfect for light boat fishing and will be at home fishing for bass, flatfish, smooth hounds, pollock, cod and smaller ray species.
  2. MXL & MXJ - these two models are the next step up the range and give you greater line capacity and cranking power for fishing deeper water with heavier leads for larger fish. They are perfect for heavier uptide casting (MXL) for large cod and rays and wrecking with lures and jigs in depths greater that 150' (MXJ).
  3. LX & JX - are designed for heavy boat fishing in deep water and are great workhorse reels, if you fish deep water wrecks or downtide in deep water with strong tides these two reels will give you the capacity for heavier braid lines needed to fish in demanding conditions.
  4. HX, HXW & HXJ - offer another step up and are suited to light shark fishing, heavy skate fishing and dealing with large conger. They come with lugs to fix your fighting harness to so these are reels for dealing with serious fish that won't give up without a struggle. 1, 2 and 3 Speed models available.
  5. Pro EX Series - are designed for big game fishing and are available in 30, 50 and 80lb class sized reels with W (Wide) versions for when greater line capacity is needed. Their dual drag system offers excellent performance and these reels have proved their worth on top big game boats around the world. 2 and 3 speed models available.
  6. T-RX Series - this specialist range of big game fishing reels offers the ultimate in drag performance thanks to the Ultra Powerful Quad Disc Avedrag. These reels are offered in 50, 80, 50W and 80W models. All are capable of delivering true 100lb+ drag pressure.

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Spotlight On Avet Reels In Use

These reels will cope with almost anything boat fishing will throw at them in any ocean. All models come in a range of colours as well as left-hand wind options and upgrades detailed below.


Magic Cast - this is a clever magnetic casting brake system that allows you to cast from beach or boat without fear of the reel generating an overrun. It is useful also for running a live bait back in the tide with the reel in free spool - if a fish grabs the bait and roars off you won't get an over run before you have time to slip the reel into gear.

Two-Speed Gearing - useful for deeper water or wrecking when you need to get your bait or lure up quickly at the end of a drift but still have a lower gear for slower retrieves for playing big powerful fish when mighty cranking power is required.

Three-Speed Gearing - this option is for tournament big game fishing where every second counts. The extra high speed gearing makes it possible to get the other lines in the spread in more quickly when a fish is hooked ore a bait change is required. Rok Max don’t routinely stock these models due to their specialist nature but we can, of course, order them in if required.

Raptor Models - A Raptor model is available in each range - these are the best Avets available and marry the magic cast control with two-speed gearing and a sophisticated super smooth updated drag system capable of generating double the pressure of a standard Avet. They are perfect for anglers that like a compact reel that packs a serious punch and cool features.

We carry a selection of models in a variety of colours in stock but order direct from the factory every 10 days for our customers - factory ordered reels are usually with us in just 10-14days - buy from the UK's only authorised Avet store.

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We also offer a full back-up service with repairs and servicing carried out in-house for our customers. Allan has visited the Avet factory in California and received one to one training in reel assembly and servicing from Avet’s chief technician.

If you're still unsure and need a little more guidance, would prefer to see the reels in our showroom or wish to place an order then please call Allan or Gordon on 01635 736436 or email


Birds Like Avets!

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