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Smith Saruna Saltwater Minnow Lure

New Product Smith Saruna Saltwater Minnow Lure
Smith Saruna Saltwater Minnow Lure
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Superbly designed shallow diving minnow from Smith. Designed and manufactured in Japan using top quality materials and components. This is a must have lure for a wide range of saltwater predators both here in the UK and right around the world. 


Saruna is designed with maximum centre-of-gravity transfer distance as possible in the body to increase gravitational inertia produced during casting. This force, when combined with the slender body, works to maintain the balance in the headwind or crosswind, and enables pin-point casting to your target.

Because its swimming action is mainly wobbling with rolling mixed, unlike a shallow minnow with wide wobbling action only, it reproduces more minnow-like action even using regular retrieve, which is a great appeal to fish.

Smith Saruna Saltwater Lure Features

  • Type - Floating
  • Action - Rolling / Wobbling
  • Internal Weight Transfer System
  • Designed For Long Pin-Point Casting
  • Works Dead Sticking or Twitching Retrieve
  • Remains Stable at High Speed Retrieve
  • Super Reflective Finish
  • Life Like Eyes
  • Owner Treble Hooks & Rings

A full specification of this product will be completed shortly.

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