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Daiwa 20 BG MQ Saltwater Spinning Reels

Special Offer Daiwa 20 BG MQ Saltwater Spinning Reels
Daiwa 20 BG MQ Saltwater Spinning Reels
Daiwa 20 BG MQ Saltwater Spinning Reels
Daiwa 20 BG MQ Saltwater Spinning Reels
Daiwa 20 BG MQ Saltwater Spinning Reels

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Product Description

Daiwa’s all new BG series has changed the game of what affordable quality looks like in heavy-duty spinning reels.

Now, by combining Monocoque Body (MQ) technology with the mass market appeal of BG, 20 BG MQ is born.


Throughout the entire line-up of BG MQ, vast improvements have been made to almost all areas of the reel design. The drag has been improved both in maximum capacity but also in smooth overall performance, drastically reducing the friction of the Carbon ATD drag - BG MQ’s drag performance is unmatched by the competition.

Small size BG MQ (2500-4000) feature dramatically larger sized drive gears. Middle sized models 5000 & 6000 now feature the Rigid Air Rotor design, maximising strength and appeal for mid-weight sportfishing applications. Larger size BG MQ from 8000-20000 receive huge benefits as a result of the MQ body, with the leg & main body drastically increased in strength without increasing weight.

Daiwa 20 BG MQ Saltwater Reels Features

  • Monocoque Body
  • Tough Digigear
  • ATD Drag
  • Aluminium Machine Cut Screw-In Handle


Compared to conventional spools, the LC-ABS has been shown to increase the average flight distance by approx. 5% due to its reduced weight and modified shape.


Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag uses an improved drag grease that exhibits a low viscosity at rest, yet becomes more viscous immediately after drag start up. This reduces initial drag start-up inertia and combined with the structural changes of the ATD Drag System results in a smoother drag from the initial hook up.


Rock solid in strength and performance, alloy is tailor made for Australian conditions and allows a reel to be created that is light, yet strong, and supremely rigid and highly corrosion resistant.


A one-piece frame eliminates the use of traditional two-piece body & sideplate construction. A single piece body utilises a screw-in engine plate to house the main gear, reducing flex and twist under load creating a sealed mechanism. The elimination of the side plate also has also allowed for a more compact body design. MQ technology not only makes reels stronger & better sealed, but also more compact.

20BGMQ2500D-H 5.7:1 / 80cm 300m/0.16mm 235g / 8.3oz 10kg
20BGMQ3000D-XH 6.2:1 / 93cm 300m/0.18mm 265g / 9.3oz 10kg
20BGMQ4000D-XH 6.2:1 / 99cm 200m/0.20mm 285g / 10oz 12kg
20BGMQ5000D-H 5.7:1 / 96cm 300m/0.22mm 435g / 15.3oz 12kg
20BGMQ6000D-H 5.7:1 / 101cm 300m/0.24mm 430g / 15.2oz 12kg
20BGMQ8000-H 5.7:1 / 110cm 300m/0.28mm 635g / 22.4oz 15kg
20BGMQ10000-H 5.7:1 / 117cm 300m/0.33mm 640g / 22.5oz 15kg
20BGMQ14000-H 5.7:1 / 122cm 300m/0.35mm 640g / 22.5oz 15kg
20BGMQ18000 5.3:1 / 125cm 300m/0.42mm 865g / 30.5oz 20kg
20BGMQ20000-H 5.3:1 / 134cm 300m/0.51mm 860g / 30.3oz 20kg


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