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RIO Bonefish QuickShooter Fly Line

RIO Bonefish QuickShooter Fly Line
RIO Bonefish QuickShooter Fly Line
RIO Bonefish QuickShooter Fly Line
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The RIO Bonefish Quickshooter is the ultimate flats fly line for quickfire casting at short range and in windy conditions. It's purpose built to load modern fast-taper rods efficiently with the bare minimum of false casting.


RIO offer a choice of two bonefish fly lines, the Quickshooter has a shorter head and rear taper length suited to shorter accurate casting and situations where it is important to load the rod quickly. Choose this line if you are less experienced at flats fishing, you will be fishing in windy conditions or mainly at short range. For more experienced anglers have the choice of both RIO Bonefish lines will give you a distinct advantage.

These lines are high floating benefiting from RIO's AgentX coating to ensure the entire line always floats. The core is medium stiff with a tropical coating that works optimally in temperatures from 75°F. The line is supplied with welded loops at both ends for easy rigging.


  •     Revolutionary design allows for incredible loop stability and distance.
  •     Unique, easy casting taper that loads a fly rod at close range.
  •     High floating running line that will not sink or impede the cast.
  •     Designed for an optimum temperature window of 75-100ºF or 24-38ºC.
  •     Technology - AgentX and Extreme Slickness.
  •     Dual tone for easy distance referencing.
  •     Welded front and back rigging loops.



WF7F 245gr / 15.9gm 36ft / 11m 100ft / 30.5m
WF8F 290gr / 18.8gm 36ft / 11m 100ft / 30.5m
WF9F 330gr / 21.4gm 36ft / 11m 100ft / 30.5m
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