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RIO GT (Giant Trevally) Fly Line

RIO GT (Giant Trevally) Fly Line
RIO GT (Giant Trevally) Fly Line
RIO GT (Giant Trevally) Fly Line
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Giant trevally present a range of challenges for the saltwater fly angler. Gt's can be frustratingly spooky at times so a fly line that allows you to cast large flies effortlessy and cleanly into the path of a cruising fish is really going to help! The best line for this is the purpose specific floating RIO GT Fly Line.  


The recent upsurge of interest in GT fishing has created a requirement for extreme tackle to tame these very large and extremely powerful fish. RIO's floating GT line is made to cope with the demands faced and come out on top.

The line has a powerful front taper section and a short heavy head to extract performance from modern fly rod designs and fire big flies into the danger zone. As you would expect this line needs to be really strong so RIO have built it around a 50lb+ breaking strain core that is just stiff enough to cope with high temperatures and give good loop structure during casting. The tough coating will resist abrasion and damage from sharp structure during a battle. 


  • Short heavy head that easily loads powerful saltwater fly rods.
  • Ultra strong cores in excess 50lbs
  • Aggressive front tapers for easy casting in windy conditions and dealing with large wind resistant flies.

GT400 - 400grain - for 10 weight rods

GT475 - 475grain - for 11 weight rods

GT550 - 550grain - for 12 weight rods

400gr / 25.9gm 36ft / 10.9m 100ft / 30.5m
475gr / 30.8gm 36ft / 10.9m 100ft / 30.5m
550gr / 35.6gm 36ft / 10.9m 100ft / 30.5m
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