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Nomad Madscad Stickbait Lure

Best Seller Nomad Madscad Stickbait Lure
Nomad Madscad Stickbait Lure
Nomad Madscad Stickbait Lure
Nomad Madscad Stickbait Lure

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The Madscad is a twichbait that can be used on nearly every species for casting and trolling. It is by far the most versatile lure in the range and just catches fish. Everything eats madscads! With sizes ranging from small 3.5" stickbaits through to the larger 8" big baits for GTs, Tuna, wahoo, kingfish and mackerel, there is a Madscad for every species imaginable.

All models now come rigged with 2 Nomad Inline single hooks and heavy duty split rings.


Years of research and development, plus many lifetimes of combined guiding experience from the Nomad Team, has led to the Nomad Design range of GT & Bluewater Casting Lures. The Madscad is a sinking stickbait, available in 2 weights for the 190mm size and also a 115mm size for smaller species including bass, pollock, pike and zander in the UK.

Styled on the typical deep bellied baitfish such as herring, scad and fusiliers. The design has been refined over years of testing and many prototypes. The subtle features like the flattened top of the head, the scalloped curve on the side of the body and the small tail wings all make the action on this lure dynamic.

The Madscad sinks level and actually wiggles like a subtle vibration lure whilst sinking, and it's erratic swimming action when twitched on a cast retrieve is irresistible to fish. The 190mm deep can be trolled at 15kn for the ultimate super tough wahoo and tuna lure.

You can employ a faster straight retrieve as well, but either the faster retrieve or the slow twitch will entice strikes. Our recommended retrieve when casting is a couple of quick twitches and then a 2-3 second pause to let the lure slowly sink and wiggle and then twitch it again.

The larger size Madscad lures are ideal for tuna, gt's and kingfish with the smaller size being an all-rounder for the likes of reef species , tuna , barracuda, kingfish, spanish mackerel and many other species.

All models now come rigged with 2 Nomad Inline single hooks and heavy duty split rings.

Nomad Madscad Lure Features

  • Hand painted unique colour range.
  • Super Strong High Impact ABS Foam Filled body.
  • Full Body Machine Stamped Stainless Steel plate for super strength.
  • Erratic twitching action that drives fish crazy
  • 190mm long and 140g standard and 160g Deep models available.

Madscad 95MM

The ultimate all round casting stickbait for inshore and estuary species. Comes fitted with BKK super sharp super strong trebles.

Madscad 115MM

The Madscad 115 is the ultimate all round casting stickbait, and has accounted for more species than any other lure on Nomad Sportfishing charters. Fitted with inline singles and the Gorilla Through Wire system, it is ready to fish out of the box. This stickbait is perfect when fished for tuna, mackerel and queenfish. Fitted with BKK 3/0 inline single hooks.

Madscad 150MM & 190MM

The Madscad shows its diverse ability with the 150 and 190 sizes able to be trolled, and the 190 Deep trolling at over 12kn - making it a super enticing wahoo, mahi mahi or tuna lure. The 190mm option comes in the standard 140g sinking or the fast sinking 160g option, which is better for fast trolling.

The 150 and 190 sizes are fitted with super tough 5/0 (150) and 11/0 (190) BKK inline single hooks and the lures feature the Matrix Metal Plate system in the body for ultimate durability. Whether it is GTs, Kingfish, tuna or mackerel when casting, or trolling for wahoo, tuna, marlin or sailfish, the Madscad can do it all. The all-round trolling and casting ability makes it a must have for any serious bluewater fishing trip.

Madscad 95 Sinking 3.75" - 95mm 3/4oz - 20g Casting
Madscad 115 Sinking 4.5"- 115mm 1.5oz - 42g Casting
Madscad 150 Sinking 6" - 150mm 2.75oz - 75g Cast & Troll
Madscad 190 Fast Sinking 7.5" - 190mm 6oz - 160g Cast & Troll
Madscad 190 Sinking 7.5" - 190mm 5oz - 140g Casting
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