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Major Craft Crostage Slow Jigging Rods

New Product Major Craft Crostage Slow Jigging Rods

Crostage Slow Jig 80-180g

Product Description

Major Craft Crostage Slow Jigging Rods are specialist tools perfect for working jigs over deep water, wrecks and reefs. These rods have the power and action to work the jigs perfectly and then has the backbone needed to draw large fish up to the boat.


These rods are Major Craft's third generation Crostage range and are built on a cross force carbon blank giving power without undue weight.

The two piece rod is designed with a long tip and separate handle which gives maximum power. The blank is finished to a very high standard and the rod is a joy to fish with trip after trip.

Micro pitch cross force - We stabilise the strength by winding fibers in 1 to 3 layers in the horizontal, vertical and lateral directions respectively, further double taping the outer layer in the X shape, tighten up and reinforce.

CRXJ-B 63/3 SJ - It is a perfect model for slow jigging that aims at nearby sea breams, tattoos, and root fish with jigs up to 180 g. A blank with slenderness and tension and flexibility will make it easy for beginners to jiggle and enjoy jigging comfortably. "The rod lifts the jig at jerk." I made it to such a blank.

CRXJ-B 63/4 SJ - It is a slow jigging model that responds well to jigs up to 200 g. It is also possible to use jigs of up to 250 g at the early point and the doppler sink. It is a balanced model that can be used widely. I would like to invite women and anglers who wish to enjoy jigging from now on.

CRXJ-B 63/5 SJ - This model will be useful when you use jigs up to 300 g under severe circumstances such as jigging in a deep area that exceeds 200 meters in depth or 2 tides. Even with hard jigging in the heavyweight jig, deep area, supple jig control is possible with supple and strong repulsive blank. It is a recommended model for those who wish to begin jigging in the middle of the mid-season.

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