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Tronix HTO Slow Jig

Best Seller Tronix HTO Slow Jig

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A great range of jigs with a proven fish catching track record ideal for light tackle slow jigging techniques. Use with confidence for bass, cod, pollock and coalfish. Available in three sizes 8cm 60g, 9cm 80g and 11.5cm 120g. Supplied with 2 assist hooks. 


This range of lures is inspired by recent developments in jigging from Japan. The action of these lures coupled with light tackle has allowed fish species other than bass, cod and pollock to be successfully targeted giving the angler opportunities to jig for a wide variety of species both here in the UK and overseas.

Slow jigs are prolific fish catchers that have accounted for over forty species in the UK already. Ideally suited for both inshore and offshore fishing when worked correctly these jigs are absolutely deadly. Come rigged with twin assist hooks for better hook-ups.

Slow Jig 8cm 60g

Slow Jig 9cm 80g

Slow Jig 11.5cm 120g

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