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Snowbee Seeker LK Jigs

New Product Snowbee Seeker LK Jigs
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These are great all purpose Jigs in a range of sizes suited to a range of species both here in the UK and around the world. All are finished with holographic paint job for maximum flash.


This jigs are designed with a smooth surface gloss finish on one side and with the other side finished in matt. You will also find small gill flaps and other surface irregularities; which provide just enough disturbance to the laminar water flow. This causes the jig to mimic the erratic movements of an escaping injured bait fish and therefore is tempting to many predatory fish.

Developed by the Snowbee product development team over a period of 18 months and exhaustively tested. Not only do these fishing jigs out-fish eels & shads every time, but they have also been compared with many other jigs, including the market leaders, and they have consistently out-fished them all.

A full specification of this product will be completed shortly.

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