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Nomad Riptide Stickbait Lure

Best Seller Nomad Riptide Stickbait Lure
Nomad Riptide Stickbait Lure
Nomad Riptide Stickbait Lure
Nomad Riptide Stickbait Lure

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The ultimate casting lure for big fish - this is a serious stickbait that's tough enough to go the distance with the meanest saltwater predators.


Designed to replicate slender bodied baitfish profiles found on species like pilchards, mullet and sardines, the riptide body shape is highly effective on all predatory bluewater species. The floating and sinking lures have a very different action, and there are a variety of ways to work each lure.

This lure is available in three sizes - 265mm long and 175g, 200mm and 90g and 155mm and 45g. It's tail weighted so with the right gear you can chuck it a long way.

The relatively flat sides and concave scallop along the body adds to the distinctive S-shaped action. This design also creates a distinct body roll at slower retrieve speeds as well as the S shaped swimming action that drives predators crazy.

Purpose built with HD ABS plastic and foam filled, the 2mm machine stamped metal plate the the body then creates the ultimate tough lure. Ideal for GT's, dogtooth tuna and all large tuna species.

The floating version has the perfect balance required to achieve that dynamic, strike enducing ‘S’ shaped swimming motion. A long sweep of the rod tip makes the head duck under with a splash, then as the water flows over the lures body a seductive body roll and ‘S’ wave action is imparted sub-surface. The sinking variety has the internal weights placed to maximize casting but also to allow the lure to be retrieved with a sub-surface walk the dog action, which sees the lure able to turn nearly 180 degrees when retrieved slowly with a walk the dog “twitching” rod tip action.

Rig the 265mm version as follows:-

Belly hooks - 2 x Nomad inline 11/0 hooks cable tied back to back.

Tail hook - I x Owner Jobu 9/0 or 10/0 

200mm and 155mm versions come rigged with two BKK inline singles and super strong split rings.

RIPTIDE 155, 200 & 265

The riptide 155, 200 and 265 feature the exclusive Nomad Design Matrix Metal Plate, HD-ABS and HD Foam systems (265 only). Combined with perfectly matched BKK inline hooks (155 and 200 only) and super strong split rings. The 125 and 115 models feature the Gorilla Through Wire system matched with 4X BKK trebles and super strong split rings. the Riptide Bluewater casting lures are ready to perform straight out of the box.

*The Riptide 265mm is supplied unrigged. We recommend using 2 x 12/0 BKK DEEP 6X hooks on the belly, rigged back to back, and a BKK DEEP 6X size 12/0 with double split rings on the tail. Alternately, a pair of 7/0 BKK GT Rex barbless trebles should be used.

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