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Streamworks Scissor Forceps

Streamworks Scissor Forceps

Streamworks Scissor Forceps

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Product Description

A patented combination tool with unique lateral Power Jaws that de-barbs hooks.


The Power Jaws provide the gripping power of pliers, eliminating the need to carry two tools. This is what makes them the best fishing forceps in the world! Micro-serrated stainless scissors cut the toughest lines including Dacron, braided line, and wire.

The large finger loops on these forceps allow you to easily use them with gloves on or with over-sized hands. Many people with larger hands prefer these to the mitten-style of forceps because the loops offer a bit more security.

Catch and release fisherman should all have a high-quality set of forceps with them at all times when they fish.

A full specification of this product will be completed shortly.

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