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Hi-Seas Grand Slam Braid Line

Hi-Seas Grand Slam Braid Line
Product Description

Grand Slam braid is a premium quality braided line manufactured from Spectra fibre. It offers outstanding value and is the best braided line we have used.

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This braid is completely stretch-free giving sensitivity and postive hook sets. It is manufactured from Spectra fibres by a unique weaving process that offers an ultra-tight braided pattern. It is also thinner and rounder than it's competitors so casts like a dream and lays evenly on your reel. It knots very well and gives a very high degree of abrasion resistance. You will feel every twitch as you retrieve your lures. This product is also perfect for use as a fly line backing - just ensure it is wound onto the reel under some tension and is tight on the spool to prevent it bedding in when you are playing a large fish.

This is our braided line of choice.

Breaking Strain          Diameter

20lbs                      0.008inch (0.20mm)

30lbs                      0.011inch (0.28mm)

50lbs                      0.012inch (0.30mm)

65lbs                      0.016inch (0.41mm)

80lbs                      0.018inch (0.46mm)

100lbs                    0.019inch (0.48mm)

150lbs                    0.022inch (0.56mm)

200lbs                    0.023inch (0.58mm)


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