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Berkley Power Herring Lures

New Product Berkley Power Herring Lures
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The Berkley Power Herring is the perfect all-round lure for big cod, coalfish and halibut.


These lures come rigged with a curly-tail and a spare body with a paddle tail. This lure has a deadly action even at a low retrieve speed.

Added Powerbait scent makes the Power Herring a must have for anglers seeking large fish over wrecks here in the UK and for those heading to Norway and fishing for large cod and halibut.

Berkley PowerBait® Power Herring Lure Features

  • PowerBait flavoured
  • Saltwater resistant chemically sharpened hooks
  • Available in irresistible colours
  • Perfect for jigging, spinning and trolling
  • Deadly action with either a curly tail or paddle tail
  • Specifically designed for fishing in Norway and Iceland
  • Ring for attaching a stinger hook

A full specification of this product will be completed shortly.

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