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Storm Gomoku Koika Jig

Storm Gomoku Koika Jig

Koika jigs are asymmetric in design with centre balancing to create the perfect fluttering/fall action. They are perfect for slow pitch fishing.

Koika is the Japanese word for cuttlefish, a common prey of many predatory fish. Slow pitch jigs are designed to simulate distressed prey, darting and flashing erratically with each lift of the rod tip before falling with an attractive horizontal flutter on the pause.

These jigs come rigged and ready to fish with a single VMC assist hook, solid ring and split ring.

Storm Gomoku Koika Jig Features

  • Center-weighted body design, perfect for slow fall jigging
  • Fluttering action on the drop triggers reaction bite
  • Highly-reflective body finish / double-faced design
  • Pre-rigged with a VMC single assist hook