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Shimano STC Multi-Length Travel Spin Rods

Shimano STC Multi-Length Travel Spin Rods

Shimano STC Multi-length rods are unique in the market - you can adjust the length of the rod to the circumstances and location.

The length of the rod can be adjusted just after the handle with an extra 30cm. When fishing close to some trees and you want to cast very accurately, a shorter rod length is preferred. However, when you suddenly see an open place and see some fish feeding in the surface, you will really appreciate the extra length, making it possible to cast further and reach the fish.

With seven different rods in the series with casting weights from 3-14g up to 50-100g, there is always a suitable rod for you.

Shimano STC Multi-Length Travel Spinning Rod Features

  • XT60 Carbon - XT Carbon is used throughout the Shimano rod range. The number following the XT (XT100), denotes the quality of carbon fibre used. The higher the number, the stronger the carbon. Where different types of carbon are combined to create the required action both numbers will be shown (XT60/40).
  • X5 Nano - Shimano NANO carbon is a technology which is used to build rod blanks which are on average 35% stronger and 15% lighter than a conventional rod blank. The heart of a NANO rod blank is made of a NANO carbon sheet. This sheet has a special weave which allows to use a low amount of resin which is spread into very small (nano) particles throughout the sheet. This creates the lightness, strength and responsiveness in the blank.
  • Shimano DPS Reel Seat
  • Seaguide Single Leg Guides
  • Split Cork Grip
  • Complete with case to carry rod with reel attached