Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel

Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel

The ultimate fly reel for saltwater fly fishing and freshwater species that require the best fly reels available. Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reels won the coveted BEST FLY REEL Award at ICAST in both 2018 and 2019.

The Lever Drag Fly Reel uses a pre-set dial (blue) and a drag lever (red). Set your desired maximum drag pressure by adjusting the pre-set dial. The Drag Lever allows anglers to gradually go from the "Stripping Position" to "Maximum" drag pressure by adjusting the lever backwards.

The Benefits of the Lever Drag

  • "Free" to "Maximum" predetermined drag pressure in 140 degrees
  • Know where your drag is set at all times
  • Unnecessary to switch hands to change drag pressure when fighting a fish
  • Strip line without changing predetermined drag pressure

Lever Drag Pressure

The Small Game Saltwater Fly Reel (SF)

The SF is like the MF's twin brother that went on the Atkins diet - it looks similar but is thinner at the waistline. Coming in under 8oz, the SF has the same spool diameter as the MF but has a narrower width. Don't let the size fool you! The SF has the stopping power of most 12wts. This saltwater fly reel was created & designed to handle the most variety of saltwater species while still light enough to cast all day long!

Box Challenge includes: Bonefish, Triggerfish, Redfish, Sheepshead

The Medium Game Saltwater Fly Reel (MF)

The MF is the "All-around" reel. It shares the same GT stopping power as the  BF  but is small enough to throw at Stripers all day without fatigue. This saltwater fly reel was created for and tested at the Seychelles to handle the most variety of saltwater species. Whether you're traveling across the world to hunt for GT's or chasing Reds across your local flats, this reel has you covered.

Box Challenge includes: Roosterfish, Permit, Striper, and Albacore

The Big Game Saltwater Fly Reel (BF)

This Saltwater Fly Reel was specifically designed to battle Giant Trevally, Tarpon, Tuna, and other big fish!

Box Challenge includes: Tuna, Tarpon, Sailfish, and Giant Trevally

Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel Features

  • Lever Drag System - explained above
  • Dovetail Reel Seat - for the strongest connection with the lowest rod to reel height of any reel (lessens torque on arm while casting) that's easily replaceable (comes with extra)
  • Asymmetrical Spool - Reduces bearing friction by over 25%, lessens stress and torque on shaft while under load and improves line management by allowing line to naturally lay on the downward facing side
  • E-Clip Spool Fastener - we use an E-Clip so you never have to worry about your spool popping off while fighting a fish
  • Unparraleled clutch system - straight up big carbon fibre and stainless steel plates (not some fluoropolymer or bark material)
  • Oversized Handle - big grip for big power!
  • Field Serviceable - fully capable of field stripping the reel with only a hook & 3mm Allen key
  • Reel comes with Travel Kit to swap retrieve - includes extra: Reel foot and screw, E-clip, O-ring, Cam and Cam Dowels, Spool shaft Dowel, Igus Washer
  • Complete with reel case and wooden box - which includes a challenge!
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty - processed here in the UK

Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reels are available to order - these reels are proudly manufactured in small quantities in Virginia, USA by a small team with a keen interest in design, function and perfection.

Lead time is approx 14 days from order acceptance.