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Cortland C16 Hollow Core Braid 50yds

Cortland C16 Hollow Core Braid 50yds

Small 50 yard spool of Cortland C16 Premium Hollow Core Braid for rigging.

Suitable for making loops for top shots, wind-on leaders, assist hooks, fly lines and many other uses.

Braided with a hollow core for fast and reliable splicing. Tight, round weave and uniform pick count (wraps per inch) for an exceptionally smooth surface that packs tightly on the spool with no flattening or digging in. 

FiberTech penetrates the weave and bonds with the individual Spectra fibres to stiffen and improve the handling characteristics of the line. Fine diameter minimises line drag when trolling or fighting fish. 16-carrier construction results in incredible resistance to nicks and abrasions.