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AFW Hi-Seas Sea Grip Superfabric Fishing Gloves

AFW Hi-Seas Sea Grip Superfabric Fishing Gloves

The Sea Grip Offshore Glove is the ultimate in protection for your hands. It features an extended 3-ply SuperFabric fingertip wrap-around plus a generous area of 4-ply SuperFabric protection on the palms.

Whether you’re leadering a thousand-pound marlin, grabbing a toothy fish at boat side or filleting a pile of fish, this multiple layer protection is extremely resistant to punctures and cuts, yet flexible for excellent dexterity.

The outer layer makes gripping slippery fish a snap and provides protection when leadering large game fish to the boat - even with wire leaders! These are the best protective gloves available anywhere and they are a SeaGrip exclusive.

Hi-Seas Sea Grip Superfabric Fishing Glove Features

  • Extra long cuff extends up to the wrist for added comfort and protection
  • 4-ply SuperFabric on the palm offers superior protection against the sharpest objects and maximum grip for wire and mono leaders
  • Wrap-around 4-ply section covers on outer edge and side of hands
  • 3-ply SuperFabric on the fingers is the perfect combination of protection and dexterity
  • Sold as a pair.