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Fin-Nor Primal Lever Drag Reel

Fin-Nor Primal Lever Drag Reel


Super high speed multiplier perfect for jigging as well as general light boat fishing duties.

The design of the Fin-Nor Primal disc-drag reels continues a family tradition in saltwater multipliers.

The Primal series includes two small sizes, which primarily cater for fishing with thin yet strong braided lines. This means the reel is no longer like a heavy brick on the rod and the angler can enjoy limitless pleasure on the water. The power of these mini-marvels is simply incredible.

The Primal also impresses with extraordinary line retrieval.

Fin-Nor Primal Lever Drag Reel Features

  • Aluminium body and sidecovers.
  • Finely adjustable lever drag with carbon drag discs.
  • Extra large, secure grip handle knob.
  • Super-hard brass transmission components.
  • HS version for Rapid line retrieval.
  • Continuous anti-reverse.
  • Saltguard multi-layer housing coating.