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Coast SL1 Compact Red Safety Light

Coast SL1 Compact Red Safety Light

Useful 3 mode compact safety light with built in spring loaded clip or adhesive mount. I use mine clipped on to the D ring on my dog's collar so I can see where she is in the dark and so motorists can see us on dark country lanes.

Place safety light right where you need it. The COAST SL1 red safety light is visible from up to a quarter mile away and offers two convenient mounting options - a clip for backpacks, straps, and clothing, and an adhesive pad for helmets, hardhats, and other smooth surfaces

With a max run time of 48 hours, this button-shaped safety beacon fits just about anywhere you need it to send a bright safety signal to those around you. The SL1 features three light modes - solid, flashing, and alternating flashing - for in-the-moment control. When it’s time to power back up, the two CR2032 3v lithium batteries can be easily replaced. 

COAST SL1 Multi-Mode Red Safety Light with Clip and Adhesive Mount Features

  • EMERGENCY: Signal duress with flashing, bright-red light. If times get tough, COAST lights outfitted with Emergency mode help attract much-needed attention.
  • Red/Flashing LEDs 
  • 48 hour max run time
  • Attaches via adhesive panel (for helmets etc) or clip on mount (for clothing, backpacks etc)
  • 37mm diameter
  • Visible from 400m