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VIDEO: New Tackle for December 2018 at Rok Max

Allan Shephard - 06/12/2018

<h1 itemprop="headline">VIDEO: New Tackle for December 2018 at Rok Max</h1>

Allan Shephard talks you through some exciting, brand new tackle products for December 2018 in the Rok Max showroom! There's the awesome new Nomad fishing gloves, a fantastic range of LED torches and lights from Coast, Daiwa's latest 2018 Dogfight multiplier reel, new colours for the Westin Crazy Daisy lure and the new Momoi Diamond Braid line. Watch the video below:

Allan has selected an array of new tackle items, particularly suited to lure fishing, jigging and general fishing. These items featured are generating a lot of talk between our customers!

Below are the links and a brief summary of the tackle featured:

Nomad Casting and Jigging Gloves
Nomad Design have manufactured the ultimate full-finger casting gloves for serious jigging and popping anglers.

Momoi Diamond Gen 3 Hollow Core Braid Fishing Line
Introducing the next leap in High Performance Fishing Line. Diamond Fishing Products shifts hollow-core braid manufacturing into high gear – Diamond Braid Generation 3. Hollow-core Braid is used in some of the most demanding fisheries in salt water.

Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag Multiplier Reels
Daiwa's best and toughest multiplier comes equipped with Magsealed bearings, plus a precision machined one piece frame, sideplate and spool. This is matched with a high speed retrieve making this reel perfect for tackling fast moving big game species.

Westin Crazy Daisy Lure
A 'must have' lure designed for giant cod and halibut fishing in Norway. Comes with two alternative bodies - a paddle-tail version and and a curl-tail.

Coast LED Torches and Lights
A range of high quality, super-bright LED torches and lights perfect for all anglers but also for general-purpose use. The torch features an indestructible construction!

Allan Shephard

I've spent a big chunk of my life either fishing, talking about fishing, teaching fishing or working in the tackle trade. My hunger for ever more extreme and challenging fishing adventures continues to grow and can only be satisfied by a regular angling fix! I hold AAPGAI advanced instruction qualifications in single & double-handed fly-casting and have had articles published by some of the biggest UK fishing magazine titles. I consider myself very much an all-round angler. I have fished in over 20 countries worldwide for a variety of species in both fresh and saltwater. Advising people how to kit themselves out with tackle and clothing for their next fishing adventure is always a pleasure – please take advantage of my experience and knowledge.