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VIDEO: New Tackle for December 2019 at Rok Max

Allan Shephard - 12/12/2019

<h1 itemprop="headline">VIDEO: New Tackle for December 2019 at Rok Max</h1>

Rok Max owner, Allan Shephard, introduces you to some exciting new tackle and clothing products from December 2019 that are now available online and in the Rok Max showroom! There's the awesome new popping rod from Major Craft, the new Black Magic Fighting Belt & Harness, new Nomad lure sizes, new Alutecnos pink fluorocarbon and a fantsstic new fishing pull-over top from Guy Cotton. Watch the video below:

Allan has selected an array of new tackle and clothing items including popping rods and saltwater lures along with some great new fishing clothing and accessories. These items featured are already generating a lot of talk between our customers - so take a further look now!

Below are the links and a brief summary of the tackle featured:

Majorcraft Giant Killing Popping Rod
Quality rod that delivers all the power needed to cast and fish large Popping Lures coupled with the best action for playing large GT’s and tuna.  

Alutecnos Pink 100% Fluorocarbon
The ultimate material for constructing leaders for wary game fish.

Nomad Dartwing 220mm Lure
Long casting surface lure that mimics a fleeing baitfish, irresistible to saltwater predators.

Black Magic Twin Pin Belt/Harness Set
Bestselling and improved product with a worldwide reputation suited for use with both straight and bent-butt stand-up rods.

Guy Cotten Top Efficient Smock
Superb new feature packed product from top French outdoor clothing manufacturers. Everyone will want one of these!

Allan Shephard

I've spent a big chunk of my life either fishing, talking about fishing, teaching fishing or working in the tackle trade. My hunger for ever more extreme and challenging fishing adventures continues to grow and can only be satisfied by a regular angling fix! I hold AAPGAI advanced instruction qualifications in single & double-handed fly-casting and have had articles published by some of the biggest UK fishing magazine titles. I consider myself very much an all-round angler. I have fished in over 20 countries worldwide for a variety of species in both fresh and saltwater. Advising people how to kit themselves out with tackle and clothing for their next fishing adventure is always a pleasure – please take advantage of my experience and knowledge.