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Campaign for a UK Recreational Live Release Bluefin Tuna Fishery

Allan Shephard - 14/12/2018

<h1 itemprop="headline">Campaign for a UK Recreational Live Release Bluefin Tuna Fishery</h1>

Bluefin Tuna UK are campaigning to secure a recreational live release fishery in the UK for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Steve Murphy from BFTUK explains to us below:

"Currently the UK Government deem it is illegal for any UK anglers to target Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in UK waters and we want to change that! ABFT numbers have recovered sharply over the last 8 years following a 15 year recovery plan which was put in place in 2007, and they are now regular visitors to the waters around the Great Britain, from down in Cornwall right up to the Shetland Isles.

We believe that a fully licensed, live release fishery is the best way forward. The economic value of such fisheries has been proven to be multiples per tonne that of a commercial fishery, it is a selective, sustainable fishery, and allows large scale research programs to operate in parallel to it, helping expand our knowledge of this valuable, vulnerable fish.

Bluefin Tuna UK are delighted to have the endorsement and support of Rok Max, who supply specific bluefin tuna tackle for around the globe, for their campaign. Rok Max have been equipping UK anglers for both domestic and international fishing adventures for many years and the range of tackle offered for the most demanding saltwater gamefish is unsurpassed."

From the warm waters of the Med and Gulf of Mexico, to the icy North Atlantic, these amazing fish transit thousands of miles. Growing to over 1,500lb, capable of speeds of up to 45/50mph, they are an amazing feat of fishy nature. Find out more about these amazing creatures on the Bluefin Tuna UK website.

Bluefin Tuna in the UK

Bluefin Tuna UK are a group of individuals and organisations who believe passionately that this Iconic fish needs to be managed in a new, sustainable, economically optimal way.

You can find more detailed information on the arguments for such an approach, and much more information on the physiology, lifestyle, and recent history of ABFT in UK waters over on our campaign website, and via our Facebook Page, Bluefin Tuna UK.

Allan Shephard

I've spent a big chunk of my life either fishing, talking about fishing, teaching fishing or working in the tackle trade. My hunger for ever more extreme and challenging fishing adventures continues to grow and can only be satisfied by a regular angling fix! I hold AAPGAI advanced instruction qualifications in single & double-handed fly-casting and have had articles published by some of the biggest UK fishing magazine titles. I consider myself very much an all-round angler. I have fished in over 20 countries worldwide for a variety of species in both fresh and saltwater. Advising people how to kit themselves out with tackle and clothing for their next fishing adventure is always a pleasure – please take advantage of my experience and knowledge.